Highly Recommended

I Highly recommend Randal. We were in a time crunch and he was quick to respond. He was thorough, friendly, personable, and had wonderful and practical advice for moving forward. He made the process easier for these first time buyers and that was greatly appreciated.

– Judy Miller

Highly Recommended
Educational and Encouraging

“Randall’s step by step informative system was both educational and encouraging.”

– Erika Turgeon

Educational and Encouraging
Useful information for negotiating a purchase

Randall provided thorough reports on two condos we were considering purchasing, one apartment style, and one townhouse style. With these reports, we were confident making our offers. We have been happy with the property that we purchased, and were glad to walk away from the one that we did not waive our conditions on.

Margaret F.Real Estate InvestorTeragram Holdings Inc.Edmonton
Even the appraiser was impressed!

We were extremely impressed with the detailed inspection of a large acreage home. This purchase involved an appraisal step as well, and the appraiser was also impressed with the quality and thoroughness of the inspection.

Vance S.Real Estate InvestorFort Saskatchewan