THE MANDATE of Smart Choice Home Inspection LTD.  is to give you a solid understanding of a house’s condition, so that you can make an informed decision with confidence. We will guide you through the inspection of your potential home and give you first hand knowledge of the state of the house at the time of inspection.

Randall’s love of houses started when he was 9, and his father built their home based on one of world renowned architect Doug Cardinal’s first designs, fresh out of university. It had a sweeping parabolic curved roof, projecting balcony and heated sunken waterbed. It was the start of a lifelong interest in how homes are made and all that is involved from the ground up.

Over the years Randall has worked on various aspects of house construction, from framing to window and door installation, to laying floors and installing cabinetry. This has given him a well rounded understanding of how all the elements of a house fit and work together, and also the consequences when they fail.

In 2008 Randall was certified as an Energy Auditor for the Federal Home Energy Rebate program. This experience gave him an even deeper understanding of the importance of a home’s envelope, heating, and plumbing and how the performance of these elements can affect the comfort, and cost of maintaining the house.


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