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What to Expect

I will observe, record and make recommendations on over 267 specific elements of every house.

I will provide you with

  • a thorough visual inspection of all safely accessible areas of the house, using up to date home inspection software, tools and equipment.
  • clear descriptions of the conditions present in the home at the time of inspection.
  • instructive recommendations for dealing with reported conditions.
  • an understanding of the consequences of conditions left unattended.
  • a digital copy of the report, a printed report for your records, and information about how to best protect your investment in the future.
  • prompt, friendly, clean, and discreet service.

What Not to Expect

Your inspection report

  • is not a guarantee, or warranty against future conditions.
  • is not a technically exhaustive engineering or architectural analysis.
  • does not include elements that are not permanent parts of the house, for example, window air conditioners, security systems, roof top antenna, or swimming pools and other out buildings.

A property inspector is not permitted to

  • take any steps that are destructive, such as open up walls to investigate what is behind them.
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